Summer Sports Massage Deal

Have a great summer of sport by keeping yourself fit and fresh with a package of sports massage.

Until the end of August, whenever you book a block of three sports massage sessions you will get a fourth for free.

This is an excellent way of staying loose throughout your summer training and competition. Regular sports massage will keep all those nagging aches and pains at bay, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you, whether it be training, performance or simply enjoying some exercise in the sun.

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The benefits of sports massage

  • Injury Prevention – if your muscles and tendons are healthy and in full working order then they will be more prepared to deal with the punishment of your training and the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  • Athletic Performance – muscles that are unrestricted, supple and pain-free are going to perform better than tight, stiff and aching muscles.
  • Pre-activity preparation – a sports massage is perfect in the days prior to a major event such as a race or important match in your sport.
  • Post-activity recovery – massage can help to speed up recovery after sporting activity by helping to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to flush out waste products of exercise and keep the muscles supple and relaxed.
  • Pain reduction – tight or stiff muscles can be a significant cause of pain so massage that relaxes and improves the tissue quality of the muscles can help you in leading a pain-free life.
  • Psychological benefits – a sports massage can help relax the mind, or invigorate you depending on the style of the massage.

Who should get a sports massage?

Sports massage can be used for anyone who participates in exercise, whether a complete beginner, an enthusiastic recreational athlete, or a professional. Sports massage is great for general maintenance of the body to allow you to participate in whatever exercise you choose – helping to keep you pain free, feel fresh and perform at your peak.

Sports massage is also great for those who are suffering from general lifestyle, sports or occupational related pain. It can help to relieve tension, reduce pain and refresh your body and mind.

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Terms and Conditions of this offer:

  • The three sessions must be paid for at the same time in order to qualify for the free, fourth session – however you do not need to book in exact time-slots for these sessions.

  • This offer applies to all bookings from 23rd May 2018 until the 30th August 2018

  • All sessions, including the fourth, free session, must be of the same duration.

  • Prices are as follows:

    • 3x 30 minute sessions (plus 1 free) = £60

    • 3x 45 minute sessions (plus 1 free) = £84

    • 3x 1 hour sessions (plus 1 free) = £105