(Don’t) Sit Up Straight

Man at a desk slouching with feet up

(Don’t) Sit Up Straight!

“I know I don’t sit right at work”

I hear this all the time from people with back and neck pain.

However…. posture and pain is an area with an absolute wealth of research. And do you know how much effect posture has been found to have on pain levels?

❌ NONE! ❌

Despite it being “common knowledge” that poor posture causes pain – the science just does not support this view.

It is even a matter of dispute as to what “correct” posture even is.

What’s more important is how much you move throughout the day.

I’d rather see you sit (or stand) in 10 “bad” postures than spend your entire day, day after day, in one “perfect” posture.

Your body likes to move. No matter how well you think you’re sitting, if you’re not moving then your body is not going to be happy.

So I hereby give you permission to slouch, to cross your legs, to sit on your feet, to work on the couch, and the bed, and the kitchen table.

Please, just move.