5 Reasons to Stay Active While Injured

I always strive to keep my clients as active as they can be while injured – and here are 5 great reasons as to why I do that.

It’s important to find the right activity levels for you and your injury. In the majority of cases complete rest is absolutely not necessary, and staying active is a far better option.

1️⃣ Tissues need stimulus to heal – Most soft tissue injuries need an incentive to heal. Complete rest means that the body doesn’t get any signals to get on with the healing process. Moving and using injured tissues in a sensible way gives the body the stimulus it needs to get on with the healing process.

2️⃣ Activity helps to reduce sensitivity – When we get injured our central nervous system can become oversensitive to pain. This can result in pain signals that are out of proportion to the actual damage. Being active in a sensible way can help to calm the CNS down and reduce this sensitivity.


3️⃣ Activity helps you understand your pain – By being active with and around your pain you begin to understand it better. This helps you to learn what you can and can’t do, what makes it worse and what makes it better, and ultimately how to do the right thing for it now and in the future.


4️⃣ Staying active helps you maintain physical fitness – If you can keep active throughout your rehab then you will be in a much better place physically when you are recovered and ready for a full return. Endurance, strength, coordination, agility and speed can all suffer with prolonged rest. Whatever you can do to maintain your fitness will help reduce the time away from your peak performance.

5️⃣ Staying active promotes a healthy & positive  mindset – As athletes and sportspeople, it’s natural for our mental health to suffer if we are not active. While we may not be able to perform to our fullest, keeping moving as much as we can is vital for keeping a positive mindset and maintaining our mental health.