Sports Therapy

In pain? Injured?

Recurring injuries or niggles?

Can’t take part in your chosen activity or sport?

Want to be more robust?

Who Needs Sports Therapy?

Rowan Wood demonstrating exercises

Sports Therapy is useful in a number of different situations:

  • If you have a specific injury that is affecting your sporting, work or home life
  • To treat general issues with pain that you believe may be caused by muscular, postural, mobility or movement issues
  • You want to take steps to make yourself more robust and prevent future injury in your chosen sport
  • To learn how to improve your strength, mobility and movement to enhance your sporting performance
Rowan Wood demonstrating exercises

What is Sports Therapy For?

Sports Therapy aims to:

  • Rehabilitate and prevent injury
  • Restore levels of…
    • Functional fitness
    • Occupational health
    • Sport specific fitness
  • Ensure pain-free living
Man with a painful knee

What To Expect

Every session is tailored to the individual, however a general pattern is usually followed. First we will discuss the background of the injury to determine any possible causes. I will then carry out an assessment to determine the precise nature of the injury. Finally comes the treatment and rehabilitation plan. This will be a mixture of manual therapy such as sports massage, and recommended exercise – all customised to your personal circumstances and fully explained and demonstrated. 

All clients who see me for an injury will receive a follow-up document by email over the following days. This will summarise the findings of the session, cover any questions that have arisen, and include reminders of all recommended exercises.

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