Sports Massage

What is a sports massage?

A sports massage will entail a combination of different massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and myofascial release. It is aimed at restoring function and optimising performance of the soft tissues that are being worked on.

While a sports massage can be part of your treatment for a specific injury, it is also highly recommended as part of a regular, general maintenance routine.

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The benefits of sports massage

  • Injury Prevention – if your muscles and tendons are healthy and in full working order then they will be more prepared to deal with the punishment of your training and the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  • Athletic Performance – muscles that are unrestricted, supple and pain-free are going to perform better than tight, stiff and aching muscles.
  • Post-activity recovery – massage can help to speed up recovery after sporting activity by helping to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to flush out waste products of exercise and keep the muscles supple and relaxed.
  • Pain reduction – tight or stiff muscles can be a significant cause of pain so massage that relaxes and improves the tissue quality of the muscles can help you in leading a pain-free life.
  • Psychological benefits – a sports massage can help relax the mind, or invigorate you depending on the style of the massage.

Who should get a sports massage?

Anybody who participates in sport or suffers from general lifestyle related tension or pain issues

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