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Rowan looks on at a runner he is coaching

Running is my absolute passion. Being a UKA qualified fell & trail running coach allows me to share this passion with you. I offer bespoke run coaching to a limited number of clients.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced and high-level runner. I am just as excited to get someone through their first 5k as I am coaching someone towards performing at the highest level in off-road and mountain ultras.

Rowan running on Ingleborough

As an experienced fell runner I am well placed to provide technical coaching as well as offer advice on route finding, navigation and other skills needed for off-road running.

My background as a sports therapist enables me to offer the right training schedules, strength & mobility training, and other cross-training advice to ensure you stay injury free and consistent in your running.

Every coaching client is unique. so I am happy to tailor a package to your exact needs. Below is a brief explanation of how my run coaching works.

Rowan running off road

With every coaching plan the following would be included as standard:

  • Full initial consultation to allow the plan to be completely personalised to your own wants and needs. In this consultation I will find out all about your current level and experience, your schedule and lifestyle (and how running fits around this), your goals in running and everything else we need to create a plan that works for you.

  • Your training planned out to aim for long term consistency and progress, using simple but effective methods that are personalised and adapted to your lifestyle/work/family life and current fitness levels.

  • Training plans will be based on your required level of structure. They can range from a brief overview of the week with key sessions to allow for more flexibility & independence, to a fully structured day-to-day plan.

  • Regular catch-ups to aid accountability.

  • Full support over email/messenger/WhatsApp for any questions, changes to training etc

  • Advice on strength & conditioning, technique, the psychology of running, race-tips, training science and more.


Online Coaching – £95/month

  • A personalised, unique to you training plan

  • Targeted to your goals, built around your lifestyle

  • Weekly catch-up Zoom calls

  • Constant support and feedback
Face-to-Face coaching – From £60

  • Improve your technical running skills

  • Learn how to crush the downhills!

  • Video-based gait analysis at the track

I like my coaching to be as personal and individualised as possible, so if you would like something slightly different to the above, please let me know and we can discuss that further.