Privacy Statement


Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. This privacy policy outlines how we handle any information given to us by you and any information gathered in sports therapy sessions. If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Who we are?

Rowan Wood Sports Therapy is entirely owned and operated by:

Rowan Wood,

76 Main Road,



LA2 0LB.

07704 566 962

[email protected]

Any complaints or queries should be directed to us via one of the above methods.

What information do we collect?

At the start of a client’s initial session, or prior to the session online, they will be asked to fill in a form which will include basic personal information such as name, address, emergency contact details, date of birth and gender. Also on this form is a brief medical history survey. Clients will be sign the form to show they have understood that this data  is collected, along with any other information that arises from the current, and all future, sports therapy sessions. Finally they will be asked if they consent to being contacted for marketing purposes by Rowan Wood Sports Therapy.

Information which may be collected during any sports therapy session:

  • Details and history of injury/complaint/issue
  • Details of work and leisure activities
  • Results of physical assessment
  • Details of physical capabilities and limitations
  • Details of any diagnosis, treatment recommended, treatment received and exercise/rehabilitation program recommendations
  • A log of the events of each session (including assessments, treatments and recommendations)
  • Any other information that we deem specifically relevant to the assessment and treatment of a sports injury

Follow-up documents will contain a summary of the findings of the sports therapy session, along with a list of the recommendations for rehabilitation and further treatment.

How do we use personal information?

The reason we collect a medical history is to ensure that we are aware of any medical issues which may potentially arise in a sports therapy session, or if there is anything we need to know about when carrying out a physical assessment, delivering treatment or prescribing exercise and rehabilitation routines.

We will collect physical and clinical data during the assessment phase of any sports therapy session and this will be used purely for the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injury.

We will use your personal contact details for sending follow-up documents after a sports therapy session and for general follow-up queries in the weeks following a session.

If you have consented, we will use your email address for occasional marketing purposes to keep you informed of any special offers, new services etc.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

It is vital for accurate assessment and treatment that we collect any physical and clinical data that may be relevant to your sports injury or other physical issue that you are receiving treatment for.

When do we share personal data?

We will only ever share your personal data with your express permission and only in the following circumstances:

  • You need a referral to another healthcare provider
  • You wish to use a different sports therapist or physiotherapist and you wish for them to have your data

Where do we store and process personal data?

All data is held within the UK, at the above address, and on a secure online server.

How do we secure personal data?

All intake forms, session logs and assessment/diagnosis forms are kept in paper form at the above address. They are held in a secure file to which no-one outside of the business has access to.

From 2021 details are also held on a secure online server. Clients will be required to opt in to having their details stored online.

Follow-up documents are held in electronic form on a computer at the above address. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the security of the computer system.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Physical, clinical and personal data will be kept for a period of five years after your last session with us for insurance and professional purposes.

If you have consented to receive marketing information, your name and email address will be held indefinitely until you request us to remove it from our system. Until you do this, it will be assumed that you are happy to continue to receive marketing information from us.

Your rights in relation to personal data

You have the right to view your data at any time. If you wish to view any information please contact us via one of the methods stated above.

Physical and clinical data, as well as session logs and assessment forms must be kept for us for the five year period stated above for insurance purposes.

If you have consented to receive marketing information or for session follow-ups, then you have the right to have your details removed from our system for these purposes at any time. You can reply to any of our emails or you can contact us on any of the methods above.