Mobile Service

I provide a fully mobile service and will come to visit you at your convenience in your home, place of work, gym, sports club or any other suitable location.

I have a professional quality massage table and will provide all towels, sheets etc. I will also bring any relevant exercise equipment and anything else that may be needed in the session.

The Benefits of a Mobile Service

  • Appointments will be more flexible for you as you do not have to think about travelling time and cost.


  • You will receive treatment in the comfort of your own home, or other familiar surroundings.


  • Exercise routines will be built around your own personal environment and the equipment that you have access to.
Rowan Wood with mobile massage table

What to Expect/How to Prepare

No in-depth preparation is needed on your part for an appointment, however it may be beneficial to follow a few guidelines to get the most out of your session.

Appointments are usually more effective, efficient and enjoyable if you prepare a quiet, clutter free space where we will be free from distractions. Most living rooms and bedrooms have ample space, so as long as there is room to put up the massage table (185cm x 71cm) and have room to work around it that will be fine.

Sportswear or similar should be worn for all sports therapy or massage sessions. For females, if access to the upper body is required (eg for shoulder or back problems) then a sports bra is recommended.

If you have a space prepared and are dressed ready to start when I arrive then we will be able to make the most out of the available time.

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