Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is perfect for runners who feel like their running style is holding them back or causing them to get injured.


My gait analysis sessions include the following:

  • Data collection via Garmin watch and foot-pod.
  • Full-HD recording of you running from multiple angles.
  • An on-site analysis and explanation of the data collected and the videos.
  • Full instruction and demonstration of drills & cues to work on the key areas.
  • Re-recording to check how the new drills & cues are taking effect.
  • Full follow-up with annotated stills and video, along with further advice for future improvement.
Performing a gait analysis
Runner with gait analysis feedback overlaid

How it works:

  • We meet at a suitable place (I can suggest several in the local area, but I’m happy to work wherever you would like as long as it is flat and straight enough).
  • I like to work outdoors rather than on a treadmill as your gait inevitably changes when running on a treadmill. We want to analyse you in as natural an environment as possible.
  • The session lasts approximately 1hr 30m, during which all data collection, filming, analysis and instruction will take place.
  • You will then receive your follow-up within 48 hours, with ongoing support wherever needed.
  • This service is charged at £65

If you would like to book your gait analysis session, or you would just like more information, just click the contact button below.

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