Friday Film Festival

Welcome to the Friday Film Festival! Every Friday on Facebook I pick a small selection of short sports films. These films are picked to highlight the amazing places that sports and adventure can take us. They show the relationships that can be built, the landscapes and locations that we can be transported to, the journeys we can go on and the incredible things that can be achieved – all with a bit of dedication, perseverance, creativity and passion.

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So grab a beer, dim the lights and join me for a film tonight.

Friday June 19th 2020

The Why | Running 100 miles (29:43) – Billy Yang is such an excellent filmmaker who lives for the sport of ultra running. In this film he uses the Leadville 100 as a backdrop to ask the question of why would anyone want to run 100 miles?

 A Long Day Out with Kilian Jornet (12:14) – Ok so maybe we can’t all have exactly the same kind of adventure as Kilian has in this film (we don’t all live in those incredible mountains and have the endurance to run for days on a couple of gels), but I did find it inspiring and made me think about what adventures are possible from the front door.

Friday June 12th 2020

These Hills Are Ours – Clougha Pike (6:30) – Not strictly a sporting film, but I know many of you are fell runners who will call Clougha your second home so this will definitely appeal. This is the second film by local director, writer and runner Daniel Bye where he leads a choir from their town to the hill that overlooks it, singing an original composition along the way.

Down (3:08) – Because really, who doesn’t love running downhill?

Friday June 5th 2020

 Bus Run Bus (10:56) – Does time slow down when we speed up? Rickey chases down a crazy idea to connect 25 strangers with a giant green bus and a 2,000-mile trail running journey across the Western United States. What could go wrong?

Chasing Ten – Ironman Triathlon (17:51) – Triathlon is a sport that requires endurance and dedication in order to succeed. Adam is an amateur triathlete who is attempting to break the 10 hour mark in only his second ever full distance Ironman event. This documentary follows his lofty challenge and covers what it takes to try and break 10 hours over a 140.6 miles of swim, bike and run.

Friday May 29th 2020

 Run The Line (23:56) – My fave Aussie Beau Miles explores his local area by running the path of an old abandoned railway line. “To run the line end to end would be the first human passing in over 60 years. Police, fences, blackberries, runner musings and leftover pasta, map Beau against a warm autumn day as he makes his way across a landscape he’s lived in his whole life.” – Oh and he dresses as a 1950’s train driver to run it 😆

Rodney Mullen – From The Ground Up (26:43) – You may have never heard of Rodney Mullen, and you may not know anything about stakeboarding, but there is no way you could not be impressed with this. One of the most influential skateboarders there has ever been, Mullen changed the perception of what can be done with a board.

Friday May 22nd 2020

Chasing the Frog (9:09) – The Frog Graham is a swimming and fell running challenge in the Lake District. Covering 40 miles and 16,000 feet of ascent plus 4 lake swims. This is Dan Duxbury’s tale of how he beat the current record by 2hrs. This is a great locally made film.

Behind the Scenes of Home Office (21:40) – At first I thought this was a cop-out, suggesting a “making of”… but it really is incredible to see how these kind of films are made, and the effort and persistence that’s put into some of the stunts…. 601 attempts at the basketball shot 😳 Definitely check out the original Home Office if you haven’t already!

Friday May 15th 2020

 The Ripple Effect (11:59) – This is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting short film about the therapeutic affects of sport…. One of my fell running friends Garry Rowlands has twin daughters with an extremely rare genetic disorder. This film follows one of them, Pip, and shows how her love for climbing has done so much for her in terms of her confidence, independence, social skills and so much more.

Every Single Street with Rickey Gates (17:43) – Rickey Gates decided to run every single street in San Francisco – to get to know a very small area of America, as well as its people, intimately. With over 1100 Miles of street the film documents Rickey’s journey, and the people he meets long the way, as he runs into midst of one of the most iconic and diverse cities in the world.

Friday May 8th 2020

Home Office – Fabio Wibmer (7:26) – Are you bored in lockdown? Struggling to find things to keep you occupied? This guy was too…… Amazing and hilarious!

A Mile an Hour – Beau Miles (17:12) – Yeah yeah you’ve run a marathon…. but did you build a table while doing it? Beau Miles runs a marathon over the course of a full day, while fitting in all those odd jobs he has never managed to get round to in between each lap.

Friday May 1st 2020

Danny MacAskill’s Gynmasium (5:50) – Danny is one of the best, and certainly the most entertaining trials rider out there. All his films are really original and funny, and the stunts are incredible. The trick at 3:50 in this video blows my mind!

The Frenchy (14:19) – This 82 year old ski-racer and mountain-biker is incredible, inspiring and totally bonkers. He is exactly what I want to be when I grow up!

Friday April 24th 2020

Trailpike (11:55) – An amazing trilogy of short films made by my clubmate Geoff Cox. Mixing poetry with stunning footage Geoff relives his attempts at three major Lake District rounds: The Bob Graham, The Joss Naylor Challenge and the Gerry Charnley Round. The shot zooming out from the ascent of Steel Fell is one of my favourite running film scenes ever! And it doesn’t hurt that Marty 🐶 has a starring role in part 3!

Dan Runs Everest (11:47) – Everesting on a real hill by an American ultra runner. A reminder of when people did things in the real world instead of on their stairs 😂 Really interesting to see this, and maybe inspiration for a future real-world attempt 🤔

Friday 17th April, 2020

Of Fells And Hills (7:09) – American ultra running legend Rickey Gates visits the Lake District to discover fell running. In the films he talks about what makes it so special and what sets it apart from more American or European style mountain running. This is a great intro to fell running if you don’t know much about it, but equally really interesting for experienced fell runners to see an outsider’s perspective.

The Hundred Miler (32:27) – This new film dropped just this last week. It was due to start the rounds on the festival circuit but with everything being cancelled, they premiered it online instead and made it freely available. It follows three mates from Australia as they qualify for and race in the UTMB, one of the most revered mountain ultras in the world. What I love about this film is that where a lot of films concentrate on the glory and glamour, this one takes you inside the world of pain, that running 100+ miles entails. Cramps, sickness, missing the cutoffs, packed out aid stations with comatose runners under every chair, hallucinations… it’s all there!

Friday 10th April, 2020

Inclined – This is an old favourite of mine. A unique place to run/hike, but so much more. The incline is a place of compulsion, of obsession and of some downright absurd competition. Lonsdale Fell Runners club president Reg Baker’s many thousand summits of Clougha is brought to mind by the obsessives in this one. I just love how bonkers it is – could really see myself getting caught up in this if I lived there!

Huayhuash – Having had to put my own ideas of adventure and journey on hold this year, this is a great film for keeping that adventure spirit going. Three mountain bikers attempt a circuit of the Huayhuash mountain range in Peru. Some incredible scenery, great action shots, and some terrifying incidents along the way. Excellent fun and very inspiring to get on with adventures as soon as we can!