Five Minute Maintenance

Take five minutes out of your day to check in with the body, move and mobilise, find and address issues and restrictions and carry out some basic body maintenance. Full library of videos below……

#23 – Ankle Mobility –When was the last time you showed your ankles a bit of love? Work on all-round mobility for the ankles and the feet with this five minute routine. Perfect for anybody who feels like their ankles are stiff and tight, or weak, but also great as rehab and recovery from ankle sprains if you need to work on your mobility and flexibility.

#22 – Hamstring Stretching – Get those hamstrings stretched out. In this episode we use active, dynamic stretching, and a loaded stretch to be more effective than the standard static stretch-and-hold that most people use.

#21 – Upper Back Mobility – This is an area that carries a lot of tension and causes back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, especially in those who work at a desk and sit too long at the computer. Let’s loosen things up and relieve that tension!

#20 – Move Every Joint – a full body mobility routine to wake up the body. Perfect as a morning routine, a warm-up before exercise or when you’ve been sitting too long and need to get things moving.

#19 – Pre-run Hips & Hamstrings –This one’s for all you runners. Loosen up those hips and hammies before your run, or use it as a general day-to-day maintenance & mobility routine.

#18 – Spinal Mobility Flow – Stiff and achy back? Sitting too long? When was the last time you allowed your spine to move as it is intended to? This gentle five minute mobility routine will bring you some much needed movement into your back and help relieve that stiffness.

#17 – Squat Mobility – Whether you struggle to get into a good squat, or if you’re looking for more strength and stability in your squat, this five minute routine will get you squatting like a pro!

#16 – Morning Wake-Up Routine – Stiff and achy in the morning? Wake the body up before you even get out of bed with this gentle movement and mobilisation routine.

#15 – Lockdown Desk Stretches – For those suffering with achy necks, stiff shoulders and sore backs from home-working during lockdown.

#14 – Movement Flow – Get your brain working with your body and get in the flow with a challenging movement flow.

#13 – Shoulder Mobility – Starting off with some mobilisation then working deep into the traps with a ball to bring some relief to those tight muscles. Great for – anybody who needs that overhead position for sport – relieving upper back, neck and shoulder pain

#12 – Sciatic Mobilisation & Relief – Perfect for anybody that suffers with sciatica or pain down the back, bum & legs. It’s also great general maintenance work even if you don’t have any pain as this is an area that needs constant care and attention.

#11 – Hip Flexors –  Have you got tight hip flexors from sitting too much? The ability to generate strength and power in a full range of hip extension is key for athletic performance. Runners, jumpers, sprinters and any sport which involves these (ie all the sports) will benefit from loosening up the hip flexors.

#10 – Movement Practice – Three whole-body movements with progressions to challenge your co-ordination and give you a whole brain-body stimulus.

#9 – Neck Stretches and Shoulder Openers – Perfect for working out those stiff necks, backs and shoulders that you’ve got from hunching over those laptops.

#8 – Hip Mobility Flow – A five minute, follow-along hip mobility flow to get those hips and backs opened and loose.

#7 – Thoracic Spine Openers – Get some movement and mobility in that thoracic spine area and flatten that curve.

#6 – Help for Home-workers –  Take five minutes to stretch out that desk-tension. Care for your wrists, neck, shoulders and back.

#5: Hamstrings & Lower Back- Giving some love to our hamstrings, loosening up those steel cords and mobilising the lower back at the same time.

#4: Foot and Ankle Care – Rolling out the plantar fascia, mobilising the calves & ankles, and stretching out the toes.

#3: Hip Opener – working the split stance position. Open out those hip flexors with the rear leg in extension while simultaneously getting into some deep flexion.

#2: – Shoulder Health – activate the traps, mobilise the shoulder and work some scapular control. Grab a resistance band and start mobilising!

#1: Hip Rotation – Starting off with a bit of hip rotation. Get into that 90/90 position and find those cranky corners.