Coronavirus-safe Working

Re-opening from 20th July

I am very happy to reopen my mobile service for sports therapy and sports massage appointments. The safety of my clients (as well as myself and my family) is the most important consideration when reopening for business, so there will be guidelines and procedures in place as follows:

Screening procedure

  • All clients will be asked to fill in an online screening form. This will include all the relevant safety checks as well as a run-through of the necessary procedures & guidelines that will be followed. With their consent, the details provided will be stored for 21 days to assist with the government’s track-and-trace system.
  • It goes without saying that if you are feeling unwell, suspect you may have COVID-19 or have had recent contact with anybody that has the virus or has been experiencing symptoms then I ask you to let me know and not to go ahead with the appointment.
  • It is encouraged to have an online appointment if this is possible for your requirements.

  • Current advice from the Society of Sports Therapists is that I should wear PPE for any close-contact – this will be a full face visor, mask, gloves and apron. I will also wear a visor for the duration of all appointments, whether there is close-contact or not.
  • Please note that if you are booking a sports massage appointment, my wearing of gloves does not affect the massage in any way.
  • Government advice states that the client does not need to wear PPE, but I will be happy for you to wear whatever PPE makes you feel comfortable.
Other precautions/guidelines

  • The main precautions other than PPE are regular handwashing and disinfection of equipment.
  • I ask that there are hand washing facilities available to me for the start and end of the session, and that you also wash your hands before the session.
  • I will require 5-10 minutes (not charged for) at the end of the session to fully clean and disinfect my treatment table and all equipment used in the session.
  • I am encouraging clients to provide their own sheets and towels in this period. However if you would prefer I will still be happy to provide freshly washed sheets and towels, which will be used for your session only and will be bagged and kept separate from all clean equipment until they are washed again.
  • I ask that all other family members and pets are kept away from the area that we are working in.
  • Online payment will be encouraged, and if paying by cash I ask you to have the correct change, as no change will be given to avoid unnecessary handling of cash.
  • With these procedures and guidelines in place, the risk of transmission during a session like this is deemed to be low, however it cannot be entirely eliminated. The session will go ahead based on agreement on this between both parties.