(Don’t) Sit Up Straight

Man at a desk slouching with feet up

(Don’t) Sit Up Straight! “I know I don’t sit right at work” I hear this all the time from people with back and neck pain. However…. posture and pain is an area with an absolute wealth of research. And do you know how much effect posture has been found to have on pain levels? NONE! … Read more

Exercising With Pain

Pain can be a tricky customer. One of the most common questions I get is “can I exercise if it still hurts?” Here I will explain the general guidlines I use to recommend how to proceed with activity in the presence of pain.

Sleep For Sport – Infographic

Title - Sleep for Sport

Sleep is so important for all those that enjoy their sport. From the weekend warriors to the dedicated athletes, sleep is the free super-fuel that so many neglect. This infographic will help to explain why….