9 Great Ideas for RED January

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So you’ve signed up for RED January? Already getting bored with doing the same thing every day and wondering how you’re going to keep it up

Taking up a month-long challenge like RED January is a great way of starting the year. In fact, it’s great at any time of the year. Committing to a month of activity is awesome for building good habits. After a month, these good habits slowly start to become just a normal part of your life. If you can manage a full month, you massively increase the chances of making these habits stick after your challenge is done.

The tricky part, as most will discover, is lasting the month. A large factor here is boredom and burnout.

Picture this – you hate running, yet your plan for RED January is to run every day…. What are your chances of making it through until the end?

Mix up your activities, try new things, in new places, with new people, and you’ll keep things interesting and exciting. Here are 13 ways to keep your RED January interesting and varied….

1: Mix Up Your Running

Even though you may love your running, it’s easy for things to get stale. At this point you may struggle to keep on getting out, so try mixing things up. If you’re a treadmill runner, try getting outside. If you’re a road runner, try getting offroad and onto the trails.

Another simple change can be to simply go and run somewhere new! Open Google Maps, have a search around for somewhere that looks interesting, and just go and run there!

Trail running in the forest
Mountain Biking in the Mountains

2: Go For A Swim

Swimming is a great full-body workout. If you’re feeling a bit tired and beaten up from your RED January exertions, it can also be a great relaxation and recovery activity. 

3: Hire Mountain Bikes

Hiring mountain bikes is an awesome way of exploring the countryside. There are several purpose built mountain bike centres fairly locally to Lancaster – including Grizedale, Whinlatter and Gisburn. It couldn’t be easier – just book your bikes, turn up and ride on the fully marked trails. A fantastic way to spend a day out with the family or friends.

4: Explore The Local Area

It’s very common that people have no idea of the beauty that lies on their doorstep. Almost every location in the UK has interesting places and opportunities to be active. Here in the Lancaster & Morecambe area we are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing countryside. Some of it just minutes outside of the town centres, such as the Lancaster-Glasson cycle path, Sunderland Point, Heysham Head, Crook-o-Lune and many more. A short drive will take you to Silverdale & Arnside, The Forest of Bowland, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Howgills and yet more. 

Is RED January taking it’s toll? Tired and achy? In need of a refresh?

A sports massage is a great way of boosting your recovery and revitalising your body.

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5: Try a Personal Trainer

Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut because we don’t know how to push ourselves to the next level. There are many PTs working in gyms across the region and many will be offering January specials, usually with no commitment. Having a session with a PT is a great way of boosting motivation and pushing your body. Get a group of friends together and you can make it even more fun!

6: Take a Yoga Class

There are yoga classes to suit everyone. Whether you want to use it for meditation, strength, relaxation, flexibility or a mixture of all of those, there will be a class to suit you. Near Lancaster Halton Mill has a wide range of regular classes. Another local provider is Dale Spence, who offers a unique take with his Anti-Fragility Yoga to build robust bodies and minds. Alternatively, if you would rather practice on your own, YouTube is awash with yoga videos. A popular place to start is Yoga with Adriene.

7: Dance!

Dancing has been shown to have beneficial effects on both mental and physical health. There are local classes for all kinds of dance, such as salsa with Lancaster Area SalsaLudus is a larger local dance school, offering classes in all kinds of dance, with many suitable for beginners or the older dancer.

8: Explore Your Movement

Movement training is a relatively new addition to the health and fitness scene. One way of describing it is like a cross between yoga, pilates, dance and martial arts. The idea is to get to learn more about how your body works and moves, as well as offering a workout to improve strength, mobility and awareness.

This is a great one to try at home in the comfort of your living room. Kellen Millad has an awesome YouTube channel filled with all kinds of movement practices. Do yourself a favour and give it a go!

9: Try a New Sport

There are so many sports that it’s impossible to list them all. However, trying a new sport for the first time is a exciting activity, and great for injecting some fun back into your RED January. Local sports centres offer squash, badminton and table tennis. There are climbing walls at Lancaster University Sports CentreSalt AyreKendal and Preston. There are numerous clubs and centres for sports and activities ranging from archery to rowing, to American football, to curling. It may be scary to take the plunge and try something new, but sports clubs are usually friendly environments that are very happy to have new members. So what do you fancy trying?

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