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Rowan Wood fell running

I have been a keen and competitive sportsman from a young age. Starting off with swimming, tennis, football and martial arts as a youngster, then mountain biking, running and weightlifting through my teens and early 20’s. Later I participated in climbing, trained in MMA and had a spell as a triathlete. Over the last five years however I have settled into my true love which is fell running.

Throughout my sporting life I have suffered with a seemingly endless string of injuries. This prompted me to do my own research into why I was getting injured, how to rehabilitate myself and how to prevent injuries in the future. This led to a passion for the subject, and subsequently to the point where I am now running my own Sports Therapy business to help others that have the same issues.

Having been involved in sports throughout my life, and having had my struggles with injury, I understand what it is like to be injured and unable to participate or compete in the sports you love. I am therefore committed to working closely with you to keep you injury free and performing optimally.

I hold a Diploma in Sports Therapy and am a member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

I also hold a qualification in Osteopathic Articulation and am a UK Athletics registered Trail & Fell Running Coach.

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