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⚠️ Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, I am now offering online consultations to help you with your sports injuries or other pain related issues⚠️ 

These sessions will be focused on offering advice and education for your ailments, with full exercise and rehab programs as usual.

Assessment and diagnosis is obviously limited without the hands-on contact. However by taking a thorough history of the injury or pain, combined with instructed and led self-assessment, we will in most cases be able to get a good enough picture to inform us of a suitable plan of treatment for you.

🌟These online appointments will be offered at a 25% discount on my usual prices. 🌟

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I am a qualified Sports Therapist and member of the Society of Sports Therapists. I offer a complete mobile Sports Therapy service, including:

– Sport injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment

Sports massage and other manual therapy treatments

– Full rehabilitation plan with ongoing support

– Sport injury prevention advice

– Assessment of posture, strength,

mobility and movement skills

My sports therapy service is fully mobile, covering Lancaster, Morecambe, Garstang and all surrounding areas.

By offering a mobile service, we can arrange your appointments in a location that is convenient for you. I can visit you in your home, workplace, gym, sports club or any other suitable venue.

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Amongst the many injuries I am equipped to deal with are:

Sports Injury – Knee Pain – Ankle Sprains – Back Pain – Neck Pain – Shoulder Pain – Tendinopathy – Co-ordination and Balance Issues – Posture Problems – Plantar Fasciitis – Achilles Tendonitis – Runner’s Knee – IT Band Syndrome – Hamstring Strains – Wrist and Elbow Pain – Pulled Muscles – Post-surgery Rehabilitation – Rotator Cuff Injury – Tennis Elbow – Golfer’s Elbow – Frozen Shoulder – Sciatica – Prolapsed/Herniated Discs – Mobility Restrictions and many more………

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Alternatively you can phone/text on 07704 566 962

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